There is a perception that all glass is the same but in fact, there are very real, basic differences in quality and clarity. The right glazing options for a home and the costs involved will depend on a number of things. Factors like lifestyle, climate, noise levels and where your windows are positioned need to be considered.

Fairview window and door solutions work to make a home more comfortable. When you combine our exceptional windows and doors with the optimum insulated glass selection, you'll have a living environment that feels 'just right', all year round.

Choosing the right glass for your IGU's is also important

Solace low - e glass

Safety glass

Acoustic glass

Privacy glass

Glass Comparison

R-value of Glass

The thermal resistance of the total window system (including glass, spacer and joinery type). The higher the R-value, the less heat that is lost through the system and the better the insulation.

Fairview’s XR Edge Glass Units (IGUs)

XR Edge has advanced spacer technology and is available in all Fairview windows and doors. XR Edge’s effectiveness lies mainly in the spacer which separates the two panes of glass in the IGU. Its main role is preventing moisture passing into the IGU, preventing the possibility of internal condensation and fogging. It also creates a thermal barrier between the two pieces of glass. One of the key features is the desiccant is on all 4 sides.