Sliding windows make the most of the available light and air and because they do not protrude in front of the building by opening inward or outward, they do not interfere with the space directly in front of the window.The can have a multitude of different configurations in a single frame and move horizontally left and right ensuring you can operate your windows effortlessly and open or close them as much as you want. The width of sliding windows mean they are ideal for large rooms and can frame natural beauty and provide an excellent view and significantly lighten a room.

Key benefits

  • Provide a clear and unobstructed view
  • Excellent window solution for wide opening spaces
  • Large glass panels that let in plenty of natural light and increase ventilation
  • Simply overlap and do not require any additional space
  • Do not protrude beyond the building
  • Can make smaller rooms appear more spacious
  • Hard wearing and low maintenance


Configuration options

Below is our range of the most popular configurations but windows can be customised as required.