Our hinged doors are available in single and double door panels and can be inwards or outwards opening to maximise space and best fit a home’s layout. The single panel doors ideal as utility doors such as a laundry or garage door but they can be used for any entry. The glass can be clear or tinted and even come in a safety glass option. Glass hinged doors are often styled as French doors.

Key Benefits

  • Door frames can allow a front door to swing inwards or outwards
  • Creates a welcoming, light-filled entryway
  • Door frame can be coated to match the door or in a contrasting colour
  • Allow for large, floor-to-ceiling configurations
  • Thermally broken options available
  • Thermal break technology increases energy efficiency
  • Unique, tested design of FMI’s doors makes them extremely waterproof


Configuration options

Below is our range of the most popular configurations but the doors can be customised as required.